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Maintaining your car air conditioning

30 June 2011

Sky-high summer temperatures and heat waves are no joke, and often your vehicle’s air conditioning system is the only thing standing between you and potential heatstroke. Yet how do you maintain this essential system and prevent it from breaking down when you need it most? As a rule, your car’s air conditioning system should be inspected every 18 months to two years, with a full service being carried out every two years. Without this regular service, moisture will build up and cause internal damage, as well as pose health risks to the vehicle’s passengers.


However, this build-up of bacteria and mildew can also be detected by its distinctive musty smell, and cured with a microbiological treatment of the evaporator unit. Besides inspections and services, it is best to keep your air conditioning system running continuously, as this ensures the refrigerant and oil are being circulated, and will keep the seals lubricated and prevent accrual. Most importantly, it is crucial that you keep the air conditioning system clean and free of mouldy and microbial accumulation, not only to improve its performance and efficiency, but also to prolong the lifespan of the system’s individual parts and ultimately save you money and energy.