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Know How Videos from the experts at RAC

A selection of know how videos from RAC, whether you want to see how to change a tyre, check the oil level or top up your windscreen fluid (for guidelines only):

  • Check Tyre Pressure

    Good advice on how to check the tread on your tyres.

  • Change a Wheel

    RAC Patrol Patel shows you how to change a wheel on your car.

  • Check Oil Levels

    Learn how to check the oil levels of your car & how to change it.

  • Check Windscreen Fluid

    Learn how to fill your windscreen washer tank quickly and effectively.

  • Check Windscreen Wipers

    Some good advice on why & how to change your windscreen wipers.

  • Sir Stirling Moss interview

    Interview with Sir Stirling Moss for the RAC Report on Motoring 2010.

  • RAC winter kit

    RAC patrol Louise demonstrates the winter kit from the RAC

  • Tips on Winter Driving

    RAC Patrol Louise gives her tips on safer driving this winter

  • Prepare your Car for Winter

    RAC patrol, Will shows you how to prepare your car for winter